Hello, my name is Emanuele and I am a licensed tourist guide of Rome and I am also an interactive guide


Is a licensed guide who doesn’t only explain the marvels of the eternal city, but in addiction to that invites the participants to interact being litterally part of the tour, “making the tour”.

To start with take a look the video

As you saw every single person is involved by “interacting” in a role play and this makes the experience funny, unique and unforgettable.

why choose me

I’m a person who likes to be with people. I love the history of Rome and telling its stories… the magic of the ancient times of the Eternal City, the glories of the great emperors, the power of Roma Caput Mundi (“head of the world”), the thrill of the Renaissance.

my greAt passion is theatre

…so, in one moment I can portray the entry of a gladiator into the arena of the Colosseum, in another I could mimic the madness of the most reckless Emperor Nero… but the true main character of the interactive experience I propose is you! 

Feel part of the extraordinary show of the Colosseum, become one of the main characters of Genesis on the vault of the Sistine Chapel, perform the history of St. Paul of Tarsus and much more!!

This will be the experience we will have together!

This will allow you to have fun, playing with me and with your friends/loved ones on the go, learning and remembering much more, by expressing your emotions, living your personal, unforgettable and unique experience, feeling part of the life of Romans, and with a nice smile on your face.


What is there to see and do in Rome, Italy? No other city in the world is more reflective of the Catholic religion than Rome, with over 900 churches. Four papal basilicas and seven pilgrimage churches are located in Rome. Each church is more ornately designed than the previous, with works by famous masters like Bernini, Raphael, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo adorning the walls. The Borghese Gallery will make you feel perfectly at home if you enjoy art. 

You can easily manage yourself entertained for at least a week where all of these Roman attractions and excavations, beautiful churches, the Vatican, fun neighborhoods like Trastevere, wonderful fountains (including the famous Trevi Fountain), delicious trattorias, a portrait of the romantic Spanish Steps, and fashionable and trendy shops combine to make Rome a chaotic and thriving metropolis.


ancient rome

Dive back in time, by performing the gladiators fights, enjoying the Emperors triumphs, becoming a judge or a banker into the Roman Forum.. This is the Eternal City!


Follow me for a nice walk in the heart of Rome, discover its magic in Trastevere’s squares, where ancient and modern unify in a fascinating romantic game full of perfumes and food culture to be explored with me


The Spanish steps catwalk will make us feel Queens and Kings, at the Trevi Fountain we’ll become part of the Virgin water history, the Pantheon will amaze us and we’ll transform ourselves in the greatest baroque fountain in Navona Square

vatican tour

Crossing the boundaries of the smallest country in the world, performing the elements of the Michelangelo ‘s creation in the Sistine Chapel to be admired in awe, feeling small in the majestic and baroque St Peter’s

APPIA ANTICA and catacombs

Let’s have a trip just a bit outside the city in theAppian way, the most important consular road from Rome to Greece, the Regina Viarum.Today a fascinating archeological park where romans in ancient times made huge thumbs along the way and early Christians were then burying themselves in long tunnels, the mysterious Catacombs


We’ll climb the steps to rise another level in St John in Lateran, first cathedral built in the world, we’ll step forward to reach the main altar to thank the mother of God, the Virgin Mary in St. Mary the Major, we’ll relive the story of the apostle of the gentiles in St. Paul outside the walls… History, religion and art will lead us to a different inner experience

Ancient Ostia

Imagine to dock at the Ancient Rome’s main seaport, walk through streets made of big lava stones, attend a show in a roman theatre or sip a drink in a typical bar of that time, you are discovering the magic of Ostia…. Kissed by the sun and caressed by the marine nearby sea.


Enter this special “container” of art, in a stunning villa of 1600, admiring masterpieces by Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and many other artists of Renaissance and Baroque time. An incredible immersion experiencing art through works of beauty without equals.


Ancient Rome | Vatican Tour | Rome by night



Ancient Rome | Squares and fountains

Vatican Tour | Appian way and Catacombs or any of the other tours shown above


ART and history

“History is a witness of the times, light of truth, life of memory, teacher of life, gateway of antiquity” Cicerone


“Life is like a theatre opera, but it has no initial rehersal : sing, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life…”


Interacting with role-plays, feeling the emotion of being surprisingly captured by Popes or Emperors charachters.

  • friendness 70% 70%
  • entertainment 80% 80%
  • Joy 70% 70%
  • culture 80% 80%
  • Surprise 60% 60%
  • ART 90% 90%

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