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Enter this special “container” of art, in a stunning villa of 1600, admiring masterpieces by Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and many other artists of Renaissance and Baroque time. An incredible immersion experiencing art through works of beauty without equals. Be charmed by Canova’s Paolina, feel the pain in Caravaggio’s David & Golia and turn around Bernini’s Apollo & Dafne.

Feel the amazement at the sight of the some of the most beautiful masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque art!

Raphael’s elegance of gestures and the refinement of his characters poses, Titian’s unique touch and the sumptuousness of his draperies, and then, the poignant reality and vitality of brushstrokes of Caravaggio. Take a dip into mythological legends through the shades, shapes, lines and volumes thought and made by Bernini which thrill on every shift of perspective.

Imagine the reigning and dominating figure of Cardinal Scipione Borghese (nephew of Pope Paul V) and his history of great substance collector in Rome back in the sublime early 1600,within a poetic AL and magnificent Villa Borghese Park, evocative and lush, even today.


3 hours




Yes with wheelchair





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