vatican tour

Crossing the boundaries of the smallest country in the world, performing the elements of the Michelangelo ‘s creation in the Sistine Chapel to be admired in awe, feeling small in the majestic and world’s biggest church, St Peter’s Basilica.

I will take you to discover the smallest city-state in the world, the most visited museums in Italy (even if we are in another country!:)) admiring wonderful works of art in painting and ancient and modern sculpture.

We will immerse ourselves in the “Genesis” created by the genius of the geniuses, Michelangelo, by performing our unique and unrepeatable version (always different from person to person) of the Sistine Chapel.

The visit will continue on to the largest Basilica in the world, extraordinary and sumptuous example of Baroque, to conclude in the immense Saint Peter’s Square, undisputed masterpiece of GianLorenzo Bernini.


4 hours




Only in part with wheelchair





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