trastevere and ghetto

Follow me for a nice walk in the heart of Rome, discover its magic in Trastevere’s squares, where ancient and modern unify in a fascinating romantic game full of perfumes and food culture to be explored with me.

Strolling along tiny streets and alleyways invaded by the scent of freshly made bread, be fascinated by legends and stories of the oldest Middle Eastern people who then became the most representative citizens of the Eternal City, the Trasteverini; we’ll imagine how night fights near the taverns used to take place and will hear the noises of shops venders on these peculiar streets. It’ll be a great surprise once we’ll be stepping in one of the most ancient and suggestive churches of Rome, St. Mary of Trastevere.

The visit will continue by exploring the tiny island of the city which splits the Tiber into two banks, The Tiberine Island, today as in the past, a place of healing for the Romans.

Our experience will end by recalling the Jews customs and culture in the Ghetto of Rome, historical district, rich of flavours and values still intact today.


3 hours




Yes with wheelchair





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